About the webinar

Once embedded devices are shipped, engineers have limited visibility into their devices. If you want to detect and resolve issues in production quickly, your team needs to implement device metrics. Metrics are a powerful yet simple way to monitor countless IoT devices, leading to quicker issue resolution and better decision-making.

In this webinar, Memfault Co-Founder Tyler Hoffman discusses the importance of metrics and how you can use them to build more reliable IoT devices.  Topics covered include:

  • Determine which performance metrics are essential to you
  • Capture metrics to monitor battery life, Bluetooth / WiFi connectivity, and more
  • Use these metrics to make data-driven decisions for future firmware and product updates.



Tyler Hoffman

Co-Founder & Head of Developer Experience


Tyler Hoffman is the Head of Developer Experience and a Co-founder of Memfault and an embedded engineer with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Tyler is now an engineer at Memfault and previously worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer.


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