About the webinar

The Memfault Android OS SDK allows IoT developers to collect detailed diagnostics from Android devices on everything from low-level hardware or kernel issues to high-level application crashes, and automatically upload them to Memfault.

In this webinar, Heiko Behrens briefly introduces the Memfault AOSP SDK (support for Android 8 to 12) and covers these new features in the latest release (v4.0):

  • Custom Metrics - Monitor metrics such as app versions, storage usage metrics, selected system properties, and anything you want to collect for your devices.
  • Device Attributes - Store custom values for each of your devices to operate your fleet at scale. Build a device registry, manage inventory, or triage issues in the field in correlation with chip variants or production sites.
  • Incremental Updates - Manage more advanced software rollouts like staged rollouts and Incremental Updates using Memfault’s OTA Update Client and Management Dashboard.
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Heiko Behrens Headshot

Head of Product, Memfault

Heiko Behrens

As Head of Product at Memfault, Heiko is a digital craftsperson with a passion for building great software products and solving challenging engineering problems while helping others to excel. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Heiko has pushed the limits of embedded devices and led teams at Oculus, Intel, and Pebble to deliver scalable enterprise systems. 

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