About the webinar

Battery life is the #1 issue that people turn to Memfault for help with. As wireless and battery-operated devices continue to increase in popularity, companies must strive to meet the expectations of their users by providing dependable and long-lasting batteries. So, how can you ensure that your next product has the battery life needed to keep your customers satisfied?

In this webinar, Memfault Co-Founder Tyler Hoffman discusses how companies can proactively monitor their embedded devices in the field to optimize battery life and address issues quickly before users notice. You'll learn:

  • How to predict battery life for a fleet of devices.
  • How to prevent battery life regressions on new firmware updates while minimizing risk.
  • Ways to improve your device's battery performance with each new release.
  • Best practices to effectively manage devices' battery consumption.



Co-founder, Memfault

Tyler Hoffman

Tyler Hoffman is a Co-founder of Memfault and an embedded engineer with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Tyler is now a co-founder and engineer at Memfault and previously worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer.

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