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Over-the-air (OTA) updates for Embedded Linux devices require the perfect collaboration of many complex and misunderstood components. With the risk of bricking devices always present, this is an area you want to understand well.

Watch this webinar with Linux Tech Lead Thomas Sarlandie to learn how to implement a secure and reliable OTA update system. Topics covered include:

  • Updates strategy and how they impact your product from day 0
  • Tools to build updatable Linux images (with a focus on Yocto)
  • Distribution and Installation of OTA updates
  • Less understood roles of the bootloader and the kernel in the OTA process
  • Preparing for the unexpected

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Thomas Sarlandie headshot

Embedded Linux Solution Engineer, Memfault

Thomas Sarlandie

Thomas Sarlandie is an Embedded Linux Solution Engineer at Memfault with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Thomas is now an engineer at Memfault and previously worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a VP and Director of Software Engineering.

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