About the webinar

NXP, Golioth, and Memfault have collaborated to give IoT developers the same composable tooling that cloud developers are accustomed to with modern data architectures.

With this partnership, NXP developers can leverage a single, secure connection for instant access to data routing, core dump analysis, and observability for rapid time-to-market and improved IoT device performance. 

In the webinar, our presenters cover:

  • How Golioth functions as the Device Management layer (secure, two-way messaging) for your application layer telemetry
  • How Memfault functions as the Diagnostics plane, greatly augmenting your solution with observability and crash analytics 
  • Getting started with Memfault and Golioth on NXP devices running Zephyr RTOS

Learn more about the partnership here

Read the blog to learn more.


Kyle Dando

Development Systems Application Engineer

NXP Semiconductors 

Kyle Dando is passionate about helping engineers learn how to use the tools required for their embedded designs.  At NXP, Kyle is focused on improving the ways that enablement software is delivered.  He is partnering with Memfault to simplify how customers get started adding remote diagnostics to their NXP projects.  He holds Computer and Electrical Engineering degrees from Purdue University and Santa Clara University.  His work experience includes hardware and software design, and teaching countless customer events on various embedded design tools.



Dan Mangum

Lead Cloud Engineer


Prior to Golioth, Dan worked in a variety of infrastructure automation and distributed systems roles, building software that powers internal cloud platforms at some of the largest companies in the world. He is a long-time open-source contributor, serving in leadership roles in the Kubernetes community and acting as a maintainer of the Crossplane project. Throughout his career, Dan has worked to peel back the abstraction layers in the modern computing stack, writing and speaking about everything from instruction set architectures and bare metal software to container runtimes and web services.


Noah Pendleton-1

Noah Pendleton

Firmware Solutions Engineer


Noah Pendleton is one of our Firmware Solutions Engineers on our Developer Experience team. Noah works closely with Memfault customers to help them navigate and best utilize the Memfault platform. Before Memfault, Noah worked at Markforged, Fitbit, and APC as a firmware engineer. Noah has a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


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