Embrace the Future of IoT Devices with François Baldassari:

Our visionary CEO, François Baldassari, reveals our biggest product release yet. This pivotal launch marks a new era in IoT device performance monitoring, ensuring unparalleled insights into software stability, battery health, and connectivity— the three critical aspects of device vitality.

Our latest breakthrough allows for the precise evaluation of your devices' quality, enabling swift identification and resolution of any issues. With François leading the charge, explore how our newest innovation empowers you to:

  • Track Progress: Effortlessly monitor your team's progress from one release to the next with a set of clearly defined and consistent metrics.
  • Build Confidence: Ensure your products fulfill their promises upon deployment, reinforcing trust and reliability among your customers.
  • Identify and Solve Problems Efficiently: Utilize comprehensive data to accurately identify challenges, moving beyond guesswork to focus on the most impactful solutions.


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CEO & Co-founder, Memfault

François Baldassari

François Baldassari is the Founder and CEO of Memfault. An embedded software engineer by trade, his powerful passion for tooling and automation in software engineering drove him to start Memfault. Previous to Memfault, he ran the firmware team at Oculus and built the operating system at Pebble. François has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown.

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