About the panel

Having robust security for IoT devices is crucial to safeguard sensitive data, protect user privacy, and ensure the integrity of embedded systems. By implementing stringent security measures, you can prevent data breaches, maintain device reliability, and continue to foster trust amongst your customers.

Our panel of experts in embedded engineering has successfully built and distributed IoT products across multiple industries. They understand the importance of ensuring that customer and company data are protected with appropriate security measures. They discuss: 

  •  How to incorporate security into your product development process
  • What areas you should ensure are secure - transport, actual data, keys
  • How to lock down your hardware in relation to the sensitivity of the data

Tyler Hoffman

Co-founder & Head of Developer Experience, Memfault

Tyler Hoffman is a Co-founder and Head of Developer Experience of Memfault. He is an embedded engineer with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Before Memfault, Tyler worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer.

Phillip Johnston_Headshot

Phillip Johnston

Founder, Embedded Artistry

Phillip Johnston is the founder of Embedded Artistry, an embedded systems consulting and education firm. Their mission is to bring embedded software development out of the dark ages and to help teams produce high-quality systems in a complex, fast-paced, rapidly changing world.

Benjamin Winston

Benjamin Winston

Security Engineer

Benjamin has spent a lifetime in security, including partnering with brilliant developers looking to build security into new products as well as punching holes in existing ones. He's worked on everything from secure elements to trading middleware, from door access systems to large online gaming platforms at a long list of companies that includes Tesla, Facebook and Fitbit.

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