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In this IoT Central webinar, you will learn how to ensure that your IoT and edge products are delivered to your customers on time. In addition to timely delivery, customers expect your devices to function perfectly without any issues. To accomplish this, your product and engineering teams must work efficiently to meet deadlines and exceed customer expectations. This webinar will explain how to accomplish all of this. 
During this webinar, François Baldassari, CEO of Memfault, will discuss utilizing device reliability engineering techniques to minimize risks during product launches and ensure timely shipment. He will share anecdotes from his tenure at Oculus and Pebble and provide insights on:

  • Shortening the NPI (New Product Introduction) timeline
  • Separating software and hardware timelines, utilizing test-driven development, Day-0 updates, and more.
  • Incorporating performance metrics, debugging features, and reliable OTA into IoT devices.


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CEO & Co-founder, Memfault

François Baldassari

François Baldassari is the Founder and CEO of Memfault. An embedded software engineer by trade, his powerful passion for tooling and automation in software engineering drove him to start Memfault. Previous to Memfault, he ran the firmware team at Oculus and built the operating system at Pebble. François has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown.

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