About the Webinar

In the realm of Android development, encountering device crashes is inevitable. But how do you diagnose and triage these failures in the field faster before the customers notice them? 

During the webinar, Android Solution Engineer Chris Hayes dives into the intricacies of Android crash analysis and how to expedite the process. While Android is open source, there are limited resources explaining how to effectively debug devices and integrate custom information into the tools available. He covers:

  • Out-of-the-box AOSP tools readily available and ways to augment them with other tools and techniques.
  • How to catch kernel panics, java exceptions, native crashes, ANRs, and more to root cause high-impact faults quickly.
  • How to use Memfault to collect comprehensive crash and non-fatal error data from Kernel to App.
Chris Hayes Headshot


Chris Hayes

Android Solutions Engineer, Memfault

Chris Hayes is another one of our Android Solution Engineers at Memfault. He enjoys digging into hard problems and finding solutions. Before Memfault, Chris worked at Square where he started out in App development, then worked on Android Build Systems, and then spent time doing device bring up and platform work. 

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