About the webinar

Building a management system for your IoT devices is a time-intensive, expensive, and difficult process. And once you build it, you're not done. Maintaining and updating the solution will continue to take up time and resources that will only increase as you scale the number of deployed devices.

Watch this webinar to learn how to employ reliable systems that won't break once you scale. Our speakers will cover:

  • What engineers are needed to build and maintain an effective solution
  • How to scale data without massively scaling costs
  • How to debug devices in production efficiently without sending technicians onsite or requesting returns
  • How to build usable systems for all teams (support, product, etc.), not just firmware engineers

Chris Coleman

Co-Founder & CTO


Chris Coleman is CTO and Co-Founder of Memfault. Prior to founding Memfault, Chris was an embedded software engineer at Pebble and Fitbit where he led efforts across the firmware stack and developed a reputation for tracking down and fixing challenging firmware bugs. That coupled with his passion for using tooling to efficiently deliver high-quality hardware products drove him to start Memfault.



Tyler Hoffman

Co-Founder & Head of Developer Experience


Tyler Hoffman is the Head of Developer Experience and a Co-founder of Memfault and an embedded engineer with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Tyler is now an engineer at Memfault and previously worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer.


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