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GreaseBoss developed a cloud-based automatic lubrication monitoring system to eliminate 99% of the risk of grease-related failures. To ensure a successful product launch, they needed to integrate reliable and scalable monitoring tools to measure industrial machinery performance accurately.

To accelerate time-to-market, they found that Memfault’s all-in-one platform for monitoring, debugging, and OTA updates could help achieve their goals.

Read the complete case study to learn how Greaseboss:

  • Streamlined operations with shorter iteration cycles
  • Reduced on-site customer visits and product returns
  • Reduced repetitive and manual debugging processes with an all-in-one platform
  • Minimized downtime and ensured optimal performance with device diagnostics

“Memfault’s remote monitoring and alerting capability has been pivotal in helping us realize our remote fleet management strategy, allowing us to scale our product knowing that we can confidently support it.”

Peter Condoleon

Co-Founder & CTO

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