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Silvertree is creating an innovative tech solution for active older adults. Recognizing that developing internal monitoring, debugging, and OTA systems would only hinder the timely shipment and maintenance of their wearables, Silvertree sought a more efficient approach.

Silvertree turned to Memfault for their monitoring capabilities but soon realized that they also required the functionality of OTA updates. Being a partner of Nordic Semiconductor, Memfault seamlessly integrates into the Nordic nRF Connect SDK, making the integration process even more efficient.

Read the complete case study to learn how Silvertree:

  • Accelerated go-to-market initiatives due to a shortened development process without spending engineering resources building in-house solutions
  • Streamlined cross-functional processes for issue detection and resolution
  • Shipped controlled and secure OTA updates for more feature-rich products

“To this date, integrating Memfault was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for this company because it saved us so many headaches and so much time.”

Konstantin Klitenik

Head of Engineering

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