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Diamond Kinetics' smart balls and bats transmit data to their cloud via Bluetooth but face connectivity challenges in many baseball and softball facilities due to limited LTE or WiFi coverage.

Customers' lack of detailed information in support tickets made it nearly impossible for Diamond Kinetics to reproduce the issue, resulting in countless hours spent on 'psychic debugging' to detect the code fault.

Read the complete case study to learn how Diamond Kinetics used Memfault to:

  • Reduced the number of resets per device by 90% in six months
  • Fixed their #1 crash, a connectivity bug in the Bluetooth LE chip
  • Accelerated the development cycle to ship to market faster

“Every step of the way, the Memfault SDK has been reliable and easy to integrate. I wouldn’t go to market on an IoT device without Memfault in place.”

Mike Ressler


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