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Unwrap()Ing Rust on Embedded Linux

Wednesday, April 17 at 9:55am

In late 2022, we began migrating our embedded codebase from C to Rust, aiming to enhance feature development speed, code confidence, and coding enjoyment. This talk shares key lessons from this transition, aiding developers considering or adopting Rust. Join, Memfault, Field CTO, Thomas Sarlandie to learn effective strategies for navigating this change, set new standards in the field and have more fun doing it! Here's what you'll learn:
  • Insights into our experienced engineers mastering Rust, including time investment and key resources.
  • Strategies for simultaneous C and Rust codebases.
  • Challenges of Rust integration into Yocto, ensuring compatibility across versions and architectures.
  • And more!

Thomas Sarlandie

Field CTO, Memfault

Thomas grew up with Linux and has always loved working close to the hardware. Products included firewall appliances, smart fishing boats and a lot of smartwatches! After a few years leading engineering teams at Pebble and Fitbit, Thomas is back on a more technical role. As Field CTO of Memfault, he leads technical initiatives and supports customers as they improve their embedded engineering practices. For this specific talk, he will speak in his capacity of linux tech lead.

Memfault Resources

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