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Do you have a memory allocator that needs usage monitoring? Add it to your coredump! Or sensor data that causes a unique stack overflow? Add it to your coredump!

We know firsthand how difficult identifying and solving the root causes of firmware faults is, particularly for devices in the field. Local debugging and logging subsystems are commonly used to determine the issue cause, however, these tools are limited and invasive. This is where coredumps become helpful! Coredumps, an underutilized debugging resource, can provide valuable insights as they contain highly structured data that can be easily parsed. 

Watch this webinar with Firmware Solutions Engineer, Eric Johnson, for an introduction to coredumps and how to use them in practice, along with a demo and examples of coredumps with Zephyr. Topics covered include how to:  

  • Capture detailed insights into faults with coredumps
  • Use GDB with a coredump
  • Utilize Memfault to collect coredumps on any embedded MCU, Linux, or Android devices



Firmware Solutions Engineer, Memfault

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is another one of our Firmware Solution Engineers at Memfault. He also helps answer any and all questions that our customers may have about implementing Memfault and using the platform. Before Memfault, Eric worked at Walgreens, Athos, and Acuity Brands as a firmware and software engineer.

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