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Modern firmware teams need more than just firmware engineers to be successful. You need team members prepared for development and testing as well as post-launch responsibilities like monitoring if you want to scale your devices successfully.  If you don't have some mix of hardware, electrical, software, cloud, DevOps and data engineers on your team, you might have to halt feature development while your firmware engineers spend time writing SQL queries to debug connectivity issues. 

Watch this panel discussion with embedded engineering experts and learn how they have built and scaled successful embedded teams. They share some of their stories of building out teams and some of the challenges they faced. 



Phillip Johnston_Headshot

Phillip Johnston

Founder, Embedded Artistry

Phillip Johnston is the founder of Embedded Artistry, an embedded systems consulting and education firm. Their mission is to bring embedded software development out of the dark ages and to help teams produce high-quality systems in a complex, fast-paced, rapidly changing world.


Tyler Hoffman

Co-founder, Memfault

Tyler Hoffman is a Co-founder and Head of Developer Experience of Memfault. He is an embedded engineer with a passion for improving the productivity of development teams. Before Memfault, Tyler worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer.


Kerry Headshot (High)

Kerry Scharfglass

, Span

Kerry Scharfglass is the Director of Device Software at Span which helps to enable electrification for all. He is also a contributing writer at Hackaday.


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