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By understanding the intricacies of device reliability engineering, you can build robust IoT ecosystems, reducing downtime, maintenance costs, and potential security risks. At Memfault, our SDK and web app enables device reliability engineering techniques to arm your team with a more scalable and sustainable strategy to build and operate highly reliable IoT devices.

In this informative session with Memfault CEO and Co-Founder, François Baldassari, you'll learn essential strategies and best practices to ensure seamless operations and safeguard device reliability and quality, fostering consumer trust. Specifically you will learn:

  • Discover how implementing a successful over-the-air update management system can help maintain and improve the functionality of devices.
  • Learn about IoT device reliability engineering and how it can help teams transition away from manual device intervention.
  • Identify and implement the metrics that are most effective in monitoring the health of the device fleet.
  • Uncover how to be proactive in anticipating bugs and build a plan of action for regular triaging and updating.
  • Find ways you can ensure you’re protecting your customers' data while continuing to provide top-of-the-line device performance.


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CEO & Co-founder, Memfault

François Baldassari

François Baldassari is the Founder and CEO of Memfault. An embedded software engineer by trade, his powerful passion for tooling and automation in software engineering drove him to start Memfault. Previous to Memfault, he ran the firmware team at Oculus and built the operating system at Pebble. François has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown.

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