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Bond Home offers cost-effective and environmentally conscious smart home solutions, prioritizing customer experience and providing a reliable and high-quality choice for consumers.

As Bond Home doubled down on product quality across the board, they realized their existing crash capture systems created noise but did not provide actionable insights. They chose to implement Memfault to allow them to focus on accelerating product development cycles and to help them fix issues faster. Read the full case study to:

  • Discover the seamless and effortless process of implementing Memfault and instantly gather valuable device data.
  • Learn how Bond Home developed a more efficient issue investigation process.
  • Understand how Bond Home was able to accelerate product development while maintaining quality.


    If quality really matters to you, if you really care that your customers get the experience they expect – then you should be using the best-in-class reliability solution for your industry. In our case the answer was clear: Memfault.

    Chris Merck

    VP of Engineering


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