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Airthings, a global technology company, empowers individuals to take charge of their air quality. Despite encountering issues with their connected devices in the field, they had never used troubleshooting tools. However, upon engaging with the Memfault team, Airthings swiftly realized that Memfault had the potential to provide valuable insights into the underlying causes of their field challenges.

Read the complete case study to learn how Airthings:

  • Gained confidence when shipping releases with visibility into issues/crashes.
  • Reduced issue detection and resolution time for rare bugs in the field.
  • Switched from reactive to proactive, saving engineering time and resources.

"It’s vital to Airthings that we act as swiftly as possible to provide uninterrupted, reliable service to our customers, and Memfault is a key tool for us in doing this.”

Audhild Randa

Chief Operating Officer

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