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Memfault gives embedded engineering teams an off-the-shelf observability solution for their devices deployed in the field. Collect comprehensive crash data and detailed device health metrics from your entire fleet, automatically and remotely. Fix faults in the field in hours instead of days and get fleet-wide health and performance data to help you prioritize and make decisions with confidence. Memfault also includes a built-in solution for the management and distribution of OTA updates so your team can find faults and ship fixes all in one place. Memfault is purpose-built to work on constrained devices, is easy to integrate, and doesn’t require any redesign of your existing systems. It’s compatible with MCU’s running all popular RTOS’s, and Android and Linux devices.

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Memfault Resources

Below are a few Memfault blogs and webinars to assist you when building, launching, and monitoring your embedded devices.  Enjoy!

If you care deeply about product quality post-launch, you should monitor three vital signs for your devices in the field: stability, connectivity, and battery. Collecting these critical measures from your devices gives you the data to start understanding your fleet health and product quality.

Visit our booth at Embedded World to experience a live demo of our latest product release, Device Vitals. 

This post will discuss strategies for collecting metrics that impact battery life, analyzing data for individual devices, and aggregating field data to predict battery life for various firmware releases. These insights will aid projects in optimizing battery performance and addressing issues promptly, regardless of the scale of deployment.

This blog covers the most common reliability metrics that hardware manufacturers use and introduces a novel measurement, Crash Free Hours. We’ll cover exactly what you’ll need to collect on your IoT devices within firmware to measure device reliability and ensure your devices are working as expected.


This post discusses the complexities of device connectivity and explores various methods for diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, whether in office or remote production settings. Metrics are emphasized as a central tool, alongside brief mentions of logging and protocol analysis. Practical examples of metrics for device management will also be provided.

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